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85 Belmont Road / 1901 Jerome Road

Posted on August 26, 2019

The Greater Victoria Housing Society is excited to share an exclusive preview of our newest proposed affordable housing development located in the City of Colwood. A rezoning application has been submitted to the City of Colwood with a building planned at up to 15 stories. When completed, it would be the tallest mass timber building on Vancouver Island.

The 100 plus unit project is situated in the heart of Colwood within the rapidly growing Colwood Corners district. Located close to amenities including shopping, cafes, restaurants, recreation, parks, trails, and public transport, the building will allow for tenants to live, work, and play all within their community. The building will include a range of units aimed at housing low to moderate income seniors and families.

“We are looking to provide an environmentally sustainable building that will be a zero CO2 emission building and reduce utility bills for our tenants while providing a home that meets their needs as well as be cost effective and quick to build.” – Kaye Melliship, Executive Director of Greater Victoria Housing Society

The Greater Victoria Housing Society will employ an innovative construction method utilizing prefabricated mass timber panels in order to build the 15-storey tower.

“CLT is a mass timber product that replaces concrete and conventional wood construction. The base material is sourced from sustainably managed BC forests and is factory fabricated and can therefore be installed quicker and quieter compared to conventional framing practices.” – Sukh Johal of Canadian Wood Council

Positioned directly off the Galloping Goose trail, the site will include a 180-stall outdoor bicycle pavilion. The pavilion will provide an easy access route on and off the trail, encouraging an active lifestyle for all residents.

“The building design borders two streets, with a simple extrusion and articulation at the base and the top. The bike pavilion and canopies projecting from the base levels, will be designed to engage with the street on a smaller scale, providing an active and welcoming ground plane condition.” – Peter Johannknecht, Principal of Cascadia Architects

Reducing the footprint of the building and building up rather than out, will reduce the CO2 footprint and forego the need to build a costly underground parkade. A surface parking lot will provide parking for the tenants, while plans for a 2nd building of a similar size would be possible in the future.

“Ultimately, the decision to design a mass timber tower stemmed from costing, land use, and environmental implications. The building will be designed to the highest level of the BC Energy Step Code (Net-Zero ready) and will provide much needed affordable rental housing for seniors and families in the City of Colwood.” – Kaye Melliship

For more information please contact:

Kaye Melliship

Executive Director

250-384-3434 ext. 32