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The Organization

Greater Victoria Housing Society is a registered charity and non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable rental housing for low to moderate income households.

Purpose of the Position

Reporting directly to the Manager of Daily Operations, the Building Caretaker creates a well-kept and safe residential environment by cleaning and maintaining in good working order the physical assets of each building managed by the Society.

Greater Victoria Housing Society is committed to creating a diverse workplace to represent the population we serve and to better meet the needs of our tenants. Consider joining our team and being part of an innovative, inclusive and rewarding workplace.

Job Description

Location: Victoria, British Columbia

Department: Daily Operations

Employment Type: Full-Time

Minimum Experience: Entry-level

Compensation: $24.40 per hour + Benefits (35 hour work week)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain the order and appearance of common and public areas to acceptable standards set by Society policies and checklists.
  • Advise the office of required repairs for Maintenance staff by completion of a Work Order.
  • Follow the Suite Turnover Policy from tenant notice to vacate through to new tenant move in.
  • Walk through the entire building at the beginning of the shift and prior to the end of the shift to detect and report any questionable activity that contravenes the Tenancy Agreement, House Rules, Security, and fire safety items.
  • Perform prompt minor repairs and preventative maintenance including, but not limited to; changing tap washers/inserts, light bulbs (exterior and interior), stove elements, adjusting window closers, adjusting door closers, toilet handles, flappers, and fill valves.
  • Perform outside work including, but not limited to; sweeping and blowing leaves from sidewalks and driveways, removal of papers, garbage and other non-garden debris, salting of sidewalks and driveways, snow removal, ensuring safe entry/exit.
  • Maintain the on-site office; keep a daily journal of work performed, stocking proper supplies and forms.
  • Inspect/clean security camera equipment daily and review footage in response to incidents.
  • Maintain inventories and order necessary supplies as directed.
  • Maintain the building tools and keep in good working order.
  • Maintain registry for key allocation, house rules, laundry schedules, parking space allocations, garden plot allocations, storage lockers, building fire safety plans and any other allocations that may be required.
  • Schedule usage of common areas and guest suite (where applicable); inspect and clean these areas as required.
  • Assist with laundry room equipment maintenance by ensuring that the room is kept clean, and that needed repairs are reported to head office.
  • Perform and record monthly testing and maintenance of the fire alarm, emergency lighting equipment, and emergency generators.
  • Inform the office staff of any warranty deficiencies reported by tenants or discovered during inspections.
  • Monitor condition of exhaust fans, doors, pumps, boilers, fire sprinkler system, heating and ventilating systems, daily.
  • Ensure that the building is Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (W.H.M.I.S.) compliant and keep up-to-date Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) on all cleaning and hazardous materials as directed.
  • With Maintenance staff or designate, perform annual suite inspections to identify items requiring repair or replacement, and suites not maintained to health or safety standards.
  • Respond promptly to emergency calls and tenant generated Incident Reports, taking appropriate action and answering/responding or notifying appropriate authorities of emergencies.
  • Establish an awareness of the well-being of the Society`s tenants.
  • Promote recycling and compost programs and follow procedures for appropriate pick-up of garbage and junk removal.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Core Competencies

  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • Effective Communication
  • Commitment
  • Empathy
  • Attention to Detail
  • Reliability
  • Resiliency

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • The ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with maintenance staff, office staff, contractors and tenants.
  • The ability to respond to issues with diplomacy and tact while communicating in a clear and concise manner.
  • Ability to de-escalate situations to communicate respectfully and problem-solve with tenants
  • Knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act and privacy and protection legislation.
  • The ability to set priorities and handle a number of different issues at one time while maintaining safety and efficiency.
  • The ability to keep accurate records and complete standardized forms in writing and on a computer.
  • Knowledge of electrical, elevator, boiler, fire panel, mechanical systems, emergency back-up generator, irrigation sprinkler and timer systems.
  • Physical ability to independently lift up to fifty (50) pounds required.

Education and Experience

  • Experience cleaning multi-unit residential buildings.
  • Experience dealing with tenant issues and/or customer service.
  • Experience keeping records and completing standardized forms.
  • Experience conducting minor and routine maintenance using basic hand tools and cleaning equipment preferably in multi-unit residential buildings.

Working Conditions

  • Work is carried out in all buildings owned by Greater Victoria Housing Society.
  • Physically demanding work environment; 80% physical work, 20% administrative work.
  • Frequent lifting and moving of equipment, furniture, and appliances.
  • Exposure to needle and drug paraphernalia, natural death of residents and potential health hazards (personal protective equipment available).
  • Interact with tenants demanding resolution to maintenance problems or problems with other tenants.
  • Union membership: CUPE Local 1978
  • Provision of own vehicle required
  • Hours of Work as provided in the Collective Agreement
  • Field Dress Code

How To Apply

Please review the full job description before applying and be sure to tell us how you meet our requirements. The link to apply can be found: here