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Lisa Edwards

Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards, Past Chair

Lisa has been a Visual Facilitator with Get The Picture, supporting pivotal strategic dialogue for corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies in a wide range of industries for 10 years.

Lisa has a diverse background including owning a company specializing in natural habitat restoration, working in spa/retreat management, being a real estate agent and now involved in real estate development. Lisa spends most of her free time boating and kayaking around the beautiful islands we are surrounded by in Victoria.

Lisa’s consulting work often involves community dialogue sessions addressing key issues in our community. Shortly before joining the board in 2016 she heard personal stories about the impact of the housing crisis and other social issues. These stories affected her deeply, and she still thinks about them today. Lisa knew she wanted to do something to contribute to the solutions, and when the opportunity to join the GVHS Board was presented to her, she knew this was the right organization to be a part of.

Lisa notes that the staff and Board members she has worked with have been professional, passionate and dedicated to doing their part to make GVHS a great organization. Everyone at GVHS cares about people and about finding opportunities to build more homes and better serve the Greater Victoria community.