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News/Blog: Our Tenants Speak About Covid-19

We asked staff to talk to some of our tenants to see how they are doing. Here’s what they had to say:

“This is so surreal – hard to wrap my head around. I was laid off and suddenly have all this free time. There’s so much of a struggle with grief – longing for the way things were – we all just want to hug the people we love, and we can’t. I do art on the side and am focusing on that, going for runs – the city is so empty. Looking on the positive side – we’ve been given a chance for introspection and understanding what’s really important to us. That’s a blessing. It’s so important to find the positives.” – Forest Heights tenant

“Our family is holding together well, and have gotten better acquainted with the little beaches in town than we thought possible. We are really conscious of everyday risks now that have the potential to overburden our medical system – I don’t go climbing, and we drive really carefully now. We appreciate your [GVHS’s] proactive efforts to help us be secure during the crisis – we love our home. We are very anxious but this helps so much.” – Forest Heights tenant

“I’m so worried about how all this will work out. I’ve lost all my clients [elder care] – one by one they’ve gone into quarantine. Thank goodness for the rent deferral you’re offering. I miss my community and have to content myself with looking out over this beautiful city and sending it positive energy.” – Sitkum tenant

“I’m very grateful to be in Canada. My family really feels this is the best place we could be right now. Even though we’ve lost our jobs we feel like our city, province, and country stand by us.” – Dahli tenant