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News/Blog: Covid-19 Update

As a resilient organization we are adjusting our work and plans every single day to make sure our staff and tenants are healthy and safe and to keep the doors to affordable housing open. The non-profit housing sector is banding together to share strategies and best practices. We have the support of our provincial organization, BC Non-Profit Housing Association and our government partners, especially BC Housing. We are so concerned about all the people in our community who face enormous financial and emotional stress. We are aware that the need for affordable housing is going to be greater than ever. Our response is to focus on keeping our core operations open. We are keeping our eyes on a happier future when we can celebrate in the same room! We have faith in our staff and our community to get us through this. Take care everyone.

Scott Garman, Chair of the Board and Kaye Melliship, Executive Director, Greater Victoria Housing Society demonstrating social distancing. Handy tip: the distance is one parking space wide!