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News/Blog: Tenant Connection Newsletter #8

Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe. – Dr. Bonnie Henry

These recent months have taken a personal toll on so many of us. Isolation, financial changes, drastic changes to our daily routines, and heightened anxiety are just some of the ways we’ve all been impacted. Many of us have noticed a plunge in our good natures and natural resiliency. Empathy and compassion can go a long way towards helping to heal us from these struggles.

Recently, there was a sign posted on a telephone pole near our head office. It said, “You have no idea what other people are dealing with in their lives. So just be kind. No matter what. It’s that simple.”

We at GVHS share that sentiment. We strive to make every building a safe and respectful place for tenants, staff, guests, and contractors. Everyone is aware that bullying and threatening behaviour are not acceptable from anyone. But restoring our resilience and humour will take more than the absence of toxic behaviour. Every day, we can put ourselves in others’ shoes, and imagine: if that were me, how would I want to be treated?

There are, and will always be, many differences between us all. But greater than that are our similarities. We all wish for kindness and ease in our daily interactions with others. By cultivating an appreciation of each person’s contributions to the world – no matter how small – we can strengthen our relationships, our neighbourhood, and our community. We can listen, and be open to different perspectives. We can consider whether our actions will adversely affect those around us.

With so much uncertainty in the world, we often overlook opportunities to thank and compliment the people in our daily lives. We can express our appreciation and gratitude, even for small things. It makes other people feel better, and it nourishes us as well. We can overlook small missteps. We can seek small opportunities to be helpful.

Together, let’s make this a happy, peaceful, and safe place for everyone.

GVHS Newsletter Issue 8 July 15